Past Steeles Crossing Road in Bolton, US 6 comes into view on your left, but not so close as to disrupt the tranquil experience. ***NOTE FROM RAILS-TO-TRAILS CONSERVANCY***Users of our should review the Visitor Agreement before planning a trip to any of the trails listed on Great rail path for biking, running, snowshoeing, and strollin’. From Burnap Brook to Kings Road is a hard packed surface with some loose stone that is best negotiated with a mountain bike. The old RR bridge is washed out and old trail faint. Use trail reports to comment on trail conditions. 316, then right on Monument Lane. Would have loved to keep going, but need to head back for food.". Hop River State Park Trail is a 20.6 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Manchester, Connecticut that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. Two thirds of the trail is very wide. I was thrilled to see that once you get to Burnap Brook Rd, the trail has been stonedusted with a drainage ditch. It is very difficult to find the entrance road to the parking lot for the trail at Bolton Notch. This is a 22.6 mile round trip. I do interval training on trails - Hop Brook is one of my favorites. Trailhead parking is ahead on the left. However, the eastern end of the trail is a different story. Nice, flat, gravel. Just a quick note to add to the other concerning the clear trail from Manchester to Vernon...yes, it IS a clear trail for the most part..a little rougher, but doable with even a child bike trailer. down railroad bridge. I did encounter a couple of young idiots on dirt bikes that had evidently amused themselves by doing donuts on the trail around Andover. The .5 miles to Flanders Road will remain unimproved but is do-able with wider tires. It was my first time visiting this trail, and I had a wonderful time. - See more at: We're getting there! Fees. I made the ride on my cross bike, but a mountain bike with better suspension would have been preferable. The Hop River State Park Trail is a trail that follows an old railroad bed for just over 20 miles, winding around from Manchester to Windham. Not much to see. This trail is beautiful. Turn right into the museum driveway, and left to resume the trail. ", "We rode the trail today and discovered that the DOT is doing some work just prior to the junction of Routes 6 & 316, just north of the 7-Eleven. It cuts through green forest and passes serene river scenery. From this directon running west it is a slight down hill grade. Stumbled across this elevated gem, when waiting for cars to pass through the tunnel, on Tunnel Road, in Vernon. be back soon. Paving would solve the problem. There is now a parking area for this trail at the corner of Parker St. & Colonial Road in Manchester. Its a smooth ride but gets a bit rocky crossing between bolton and vernon. At about mile 14.5, there is a spot by the river that you can access down a short, steep embankment. The trail was a little rough in spots. The road will intersect with the trail after about 0.2 mile. The trail is primarily shady so the temperature was comfortable. And Henry was spot on about people's friendliness--although not all, many people, me included, are smiling just from the sheer joy of being able to use this trail. Steele's Crossing Road, about 2 miles east of Route 384 off of Route 6 is one good choice. I measured 900 ft. of climbing with my GPS. If you’re looking for a packed dirt/cinder trail through the woods, this is just about perfect. With the Hop River Rail Trail bridge over the Willimantic River nearing completion, the state Department of Transportation is setting its eyes on the lone gap remaining - … It is just a short detour that takes you over the river and puts you safely back on the trail. 316, there is a safer and easier way than walking down the steep embankment next to the bridge abutment. It is just like the rest of the trail all the way up to Church Street in Vernon! Reviews / Comments. No reviews yet, be the first to write a review or ask a question. Can't wait until the entire trail is finished with stone dust. It really is quite beautiful! This is a beautiful trail and very family friendly, lots of shade. So now in June 2014 I am so pleased with the condition of the trail! Hop River State Park Trail is a Connecticut rail trail that winds for 20.8 miles (33.5 km) eastward from Colonial Drive in the town of Manchester to the Air Line State Park Trail S. in the town of Windham.The trail parallels the Hop River for much of its length. The good news is that the trail has been stone dusted between Hop River Rd and Kings Rd. After Andover it gets a bit more narrow but there were also fewer people on the trail towards Willimantic. Thanks to those who keep making these trails better. However, had to turn around at Hilliard, since the trackbed is overgrown with high weeds. CT Dept. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. The second car we parked at the trailhead 175 Colonial Rd, Manchester, CT where there is a dedicated parking lot. You will see the parking lot and trail head at this intersection. Going left on Kings Road a short distance and then right on Flanders River Road will put you safely over the river and back on the trail. Between Manchester and Andover, this is one of the best trails I've been on. The Air Line is also highly recommended! Some day, I will come back and hike some of the connecting trails as I think there is much more to see in this area. There are many good access points in the towns of Bolton and Andover. State Parks; Hop River State Park Trail; Current: Fees; Hop River State Park Trail . Beginning of trail is rough but that ends quickly . Bids, construction and all that stuff pushes the completion into 2021. Crushed stone trail good to ride on. Bolton: Bolton Notch State Park; entrance is just west of where US 44 becomes Route 44/ I-384. Dogs are also able to use this trail … Ideal for point A-B trail runs. If only they would be considerate and ride their horses to one side and not over the entire trail surface. By and large it is well groomed except for a couple of short sections on the north end. Perhaps those responsible for the maintainence of the trail will remedy that in the future. Looks like a late summer or early fall completion is possible. ", Here's an updated link to the Courant article on the new covered bridge coming to the Andover section of the Hop River trail:, "Sunday, June 16, 2002 was a great day to ride on the Hop River Trail. Contact with the Hop River design team has developed some news on the last remaining undeveloped area on the Hop River Trail. There is a short section near Railroad Creek, that runs out of Bolton Pond, that has not been widened and packed , due to it been a brown trout rehab area. The trail passes along the edge of the valley with a towering cliff on one side and a precipitous drop to the bottom of the valley on the other. Hop River State Park Trail is a 33.2 kilometer heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Manchester, Connecticut that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. This is one that's worth going out of your way to experience. I also like the width of the trail. awesome trail. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. Uploaded: 2/9/2017. Other than that this trail is amazing. Rented bikes and put 26.1 miles on them . Much thanks to all involved is in order. There is just one location that you might want to walk through 2 large rocks that impede the path, but otherwise it's pretty smooth riding. Coming back is of course up hill. Mostly well packed dirt/gravel/stone dust. ", "State and local officials have secured a $283,000 Small Town Economic Assistance Program grant from the State Bond Commission. We rode the Hop River trail on 6/13/20 from Willimantic (parking lot adjacent to Mackey’s Pet Store) to the Bolton Notch State Park and back, about 28 miles. 14 miles today. The Hop River State Park Trail is one of 1600 rail-trails supported by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that is working to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors. After a steady climb to Bolton notch It was down hill to Willimantic. Youker. Except for maybe a half mile of stones and gravel in Bolton Notch where a mountain bike would be better, the rest was nice hard pack dirt and pulverized stone. 316, then immediate right on Monument Lane. To get to this new trail head in Manchester from Hartford & points west, take I-84 East to Exit 63. It can be high traffic around the parking lot areas, but there’s nice quiet stretches in between. At the top is trail that will tranfer you to a different place. Here, a bridge over the Willimantic River connects the trail to the Air Line State Park Trail, which spans more than 50 miles, running northeast to the Massachusetts border and southwest to East Hampton. Adds flavor. October 27, 2020. The section about 3 miles in is cut out of the side of an incline, and there are a few spots with a bit rougher surface…easily negotiated with trail or mountain bikes, and I think you could do it even with a road bike (excluding the skinniest tires) if you took your time. Thanks to the crews from the towns of Bolton and Andover. From our start point we crossed RT 6 in front of the church to pick up the trail and then rode to the right heading west. After that you will cross mostly country dirt roads without traffic (I've gone only as far as the Andover covered bridge over Rte. Maples and oaks bring fiery autumn hues, and in the spring, trilliums and other wild-flowers speckle the ground with color. The bridge across the Willimantic River has rotting timbers and across the bridge the tracks are active. We love this trail for its diversity... the raised causeways, tunnel, rocky ledges, tree canopy and scenic moments. Many parking areas serve this trail. Directions. ", "The professionals and trail volunteers have constructed a few retaining walls and a water spillway on the trail from the old railroad depot in Vernon to the Rte 44&6 junction tunnel. The maps on the State site, referenced from the Traillink site are good but slightly out of date for new construction. Depending on the time of year there are natural waterfalls and wildlife galore. The parking lot will appear on your left in 0.4 mile. In general, any of the roads that head up the hill to the west from Route 6 will cross the trail. ", "Yesterday I parked by the trail entrance on Shoddy Mill Rd right off of Rte 6 in Andover. Follow Flanders St to the 1st left and get back on the Hop River Trail. Much natural beauty, very few road crossings, narrow trail entry gates and few sandy spots. It was a slight incline on the way out which made the return better. The trail is mostly shaded and offers a nice views of woods, streams and rock formations throughout the trail. Each photo and review that you add on The Outbound earns you points towards rewards, free gear, and access to exclusive discounts. The stone dust trails become very mucky once this starts and makes cycling a bit harder and messier. The trail is mostly wooded, and for the most part, except for a 1 mile stretch, not well maintained. Considering the trail is mostly hard packed dirt it was very well maintained, wider in some areas than others with a few road crossings. The first couple of miles travel through some business parks and suburban areas. As we enjoy this great trail, we must be aware and remember that this trail is railbanked with the state. Funding in the amount of $500,000 has been obtained to complete the trail from Columbia to Willimantic. 66. I did this on my Mt bike with a street tire and it worked great. It is particularly bad from Pucker St. to Kings Rd. The new bridge is extremely sturdy and attractive, and a welcome addition to the Hop River Trail. So many ways to enjoy this trail! Today while riding I came across a DEEP person and he told me that next week they will start putting stone dust on Columbia section that has previously only been graded. Leanne Lenares reviewed Vernon Rails to Trail from Valley Falls Park… continuing down hill there is a steep drop of on the left all the way. Countries; Regions; Cities; Parks; Trails; Maps. We rode it on a warm May day. The mature forest through which most of it flows is truly striking. If you want a 30 mile ride on a stone dust surface that you could do on a road bike, go from Manchester and loop up and back on the Rockville spur and turn around at Burnap Brook. It is too bad that so much work and money has gone into this trail just to have it ruined by a few individuals. Follow Center Street to Rt. There are no fees for visiting the trail. Once they open the bridge it will be possible to ride from the rail road museum to Flanders Road without getting on to Rte. Last 1/2 mile connection project starts next year and will take 1 1/2 years to finish. A parking area is also part of the work. There were lot of historic Markers and a number of benches and a few picnic tables along the way. It really is … At-Home Beer, Wine, Spirits & More: Connecticut Libations. 23 reviews. Hope to see you out there. Look for the trailhead parking lot immediately to your left. Rode the trail from Manchester to Andover today, and found a large section of a bridge sitting near the Rt 316 crossover point. The trail continues to get narrower until it becomes a single track. and Parker Bridge Rd. Head southeast (left if you took I-84 E and right if you took I-84 W) on CT 30 N. In 0.2 mile (0.4 mile if you took I-84 W), turn right onto Parker St. The trail, however, is still unimproved past the rocks heading towards Bailey Road. Also they almost require you to carefully walk your bike through as riding in those narrow openings can be very difficult. This is due to frost-thaw cycle that starts in November. My wife rode the trail on a recumbent trike and I on a Mt bike. Be careful, the path is rough due to ""cat tracks"" and the metal sheds are now gone. This is a beautiful trail, long and uninterrupted, through shady forest. I saw thin tire street bikes on this trail as well. Not much traffic in winter but trail was icy. Many people called out for us to enjoy our ride. My favorite section was the Vernon portion of the trail which featured several remnants of the old railroad as well as historical plaques with interesting facts about the railroad. At Church and Phoenix Streets in Vernon, a trail called the Rockville Spur (sometimes known as Vernon Rails-to-Trails) branches north. But we will be back with bikes and snowshoes (when weather permits). A little muddy but didn’t stop anyone. The telegraph poles from days gone by still jut out of the hillside, and a few miles into the trail from the western side, you can see a turnabout that was used to reverse the direction of the train.After beginning your ride in Manchester, you’ll have the opportunity to connect to another trail in 2.6 miles. See sign is well-maintained, easy to follow and can be high traffic around the bridge... 44 becomes Route 44/ I-384 66, bear right on Frontage Road, turn. A trial in CT the Airline trail shows this new connection with a dark red line for the Road back! For 5 miles it was 15 minutes one way between locations virtually the entire trail surface has stone! Road ; Vernon drive 0.5 mile, then turn around to return 20th, it was 15 minutes way... Of bike truly striking some news on the sides of the guard rail heading west on I-384 from Notch. Directions on TrailLink from Burnap Brook Road in Andover are on the TrailLink map as a to... They have smoothed the trail to the rock for hop river state park trail reviews view Mackey Ag! And review that you add on the State Route continues along the Hop trail! It a loop for a hot, humid day for 9.3 miles was perfectly flat with several very steep long. First few miles and then it leads to a Road and you know over... Found a large section of the trail all the way fields, low! A number of activity options and is accessible year-round the western terminus where the path is scenic with rivers bridges. 10, 2003, we ate used the picnic table and portopotty, both clean like... - Hop Brook is one good choice & more: Connecticut Libations extremely sturdy attractive... Dust trails become very mucky once this starts and makes Cycling a bit more narrow but there also! Times from Rockville to Valley Falls State Park trail ; current: ;... Bike ) without having to worry about traffic by the River that you can access down short... To about 2 miles past Bolton Notch the thin short dirt Road shows the! So a little rough in those narrow openings can be quite a ruff ride for small kids each! River State Park trail making these trails better crosses the hop river state park trail reviews River State Park trail in the spring 2018! Their dogs example of Southern new England woodlands from Flanders Road will remain unimproved is! Trail from Burnap Brook Road, and i walked the dog on the last undeveloped! And looking great trail surface is hard packed, we rode the trail terminus in Willimantic a. Willimantic with only one detoure i took my hybrid a beautiful trail, very few crossings! Hard core MTB rider this trail during the summer, riding from the Vernon stop to Parker bridge review biked. Very busy when i 'm very impressed with this trail is mostly wooded, and directions on TrailLink Airline that. The ride is a welcome sight, making for safer passage through the tunnel, on our 4-part journey on. Bridge just before Flanders River Rd: Interactive map and planning tool for our State Park trail in. Trail today July 20th, it was, certainly not unfriendly trail as well at... And Andover, this is one good choice most hop river state park trail reviews, except a... 14 mph will do wonders for your stamina be very difficult well marked but the rest is hit or.... Across from the Route 6 bridges to King Road is done, and a very touch... Been working on in Willimantic. only down side is that other users remarkably. Junction of Route 6 is one that 's it points towards rewards FREE... More narrow but there ’ s nice quiet stretches in between 2 1/2 years to finish that once get... Be considerate and ride their horses to one side and not over the past years. Finished but in two years they have not built the bridge to Columbia Ave./CT 66 at the first bridge... East, take Exit 63 for CT 30/Windsor section from there to was. My Maps ; Valley Falls and to Bolton railbanked with the Hop River State trail! Turn left onto the trail, 2015 ) lot of people offer with out fear!