"[86] This fierce discussion has continued for over a century. In December, the Congress formed a Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, which became a thorn in the side of many generals throughout the war, accusing them of incompetence and, in some cases, treason. By June the expedition reached the source of the north fork of the river and Marcy named a small tributary McClellan's Creek. And McClellan was unwilling to employ his ample reserve forces to capitalize on localized successes. Johnston saw that the Union army was split in half by the rain-swollen Chickahominy River and hoped to defeat it in detail at Seven Pines and Fair Oaks. In July 1861, George B. McClellan was given the command of the Union armies in the East, and later he was promoted to the position of General-in-Chief, the commander of all of the Union armies across the entire strategic map of the civil war. He traveled by special train on the main Pennsylvania line from Wheeling through Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and on to Washington, D.C., and was overwhelmed by enthusiastic crowds that met his train along the way. He refused to give any specific details of the proposed campaign, even to his friend, newly appointed War Secretary Edwin M. Stanton. Two more crises would hit McClellan before he could implement his plans. ... Will send you trophies.".[66]. The outnumbered Confederate forces fought desperately and well. Union soldiers accidentally found a copy of Lee's orders that divided his army and delivered them to McClellan's headquarters in Frederick on September 13. So some of his Southern colleagues approached him informally about siding with the Confederacy, but he could not accept the concept of secession. McClellan's future campaigns would be strongly influenced by the overblown enemy strength estimates of his secret service chief, detective Allan Pinkerton, but in August 1861, these estimates were entirely McClellan's own. Wounded men after the Battle of Savage's Station, one of the Seven Days Battles. [14] In March 1855, McClellan was promoted to captain and assigned to the 1st U.S. Cavalry regiment. McClellan shrugged that off and said he could do it all. shipping: + $4.99 shipping . In George B. McClellan and Civil War History, Rowland presents a framework in which early Civil War command can be viewed without direct comparison to that of the final two years. They referred to him affectionately as "Little Mac"; others sometimes called him the "Young Napoleon". [18], In October 1859 McClellan was able to resume his courtship of Ellen Marcy, and they were married in Calvary Church, New York City, on May 22, 1860. His closest friends were aristocratic Southerners such as James Stuart, Dabney Maury, Cadmus Wilcox, and A.P. Johnston was wounded in the battle, and General Robert E. Lee assumed command of the Army of Northern Virginia. McClellan's army began to sail from Alexandria on March 17. In school, many of McClellan's close friends, including A.P. In George B. McClellan and Civil War History, Rowland presents a framework in which early Civil War command can be viewed without direct comparison to that of the final two years. From the author of Gettysburg: A “valuable” collection of the letters of this controversial Civil War general (James M. McPherson, The New York Review of Books). Currier and Ives print of the Democratic presidential party ticket, 1864. Such comparisons, in his opinion, are both unfair and contextually inaccurate. [10], McClellan returned to West Point to command his engineering company, which was attached to the academy for the purpose of training cadets in engineering activities. [12], Returning to the East, McClellan began courting Ellen Mary Marcy (1836–1915), the daughter of his former commander. A planned attack on September 16 was put off because of early morning fog, allowing Lee to prepare his defenses with an army less than half the size of McClellan's.[69]. Ohio Governor William Dennison was the most persistent, so McClellan was commissioned a major generalof volunteers and took command of the Ohi… The May 27, 1862, Confederate defeat at Hanover Court House might have spelled doom for the Southern rebellion. He was elected and served a single term from 1878 to 1881, a tenure marked by careful, conservative executive management and minimal political rancor. He told one of his generals, "He is an able general but a very cautious one. [23], His forces moved rapidly into the area through Grafton and were victorious at the tiny skirmish called the Battle of Philippi Races, arguably the first land conflict of the war. He also was not helped by the party's choice for vice president, George H. Pendleton, a peace candidate from Ohio. His legacy therefore defies easy categorization. Back in Washington, a reorganization of units created the Army of Virginia under Maj. Gen. John Pope, who was directed to advance towards Richmond from the northeast. The platform called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and a negotiated settlement with the Confederacy. He came to consider himself not Lincoln’s subordinate, not Winfield Scott’s subordinate, but their superior—the man who knew better than they, his civilian and military betters, so to speak, what was necessary to win the war. AKA George Brinton McClellan. George B. McClellan is famous in history for his involvement in the civil war. In April 1855, six years before the start of the Civil War, Captain George B. McClellan sailed to Europe as part of a military commission to study developments in European tactics, weaponry, and logistics. He was a West Pointer, of course, a very bright cadet at West Point. Union Army General. Although the majority of modern authorities assess McClellan as a poor battlefield general, a small but vocal faction of historians maintain that he was a highly capable commander, but his reputation suffered unfairly at the hands of pro-Lincoln partisans who needed a scapegoat for the Union's setbacks. TBA [58] Lincoln and Stanton also offered command of the Army of the Potomac to Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside, who refused the appointment.[59]. (McClellan selected Yakima Pass without a thorough reconnaissance and refused the governor's order to lead a party through it in winter conditions, relying on faulty intelligence about the depth of snowpack in that area. [7], Because of his political connections and his mastery of French, McClellan received the assignment to be an official observer of the European armies in the Crimean War in 1855. McClellan's pursuit began on September 5. McClellan had won some little victories in western Virginia early in the war. Bouquets, beautiful and fragrant, in great numbers were thrown at him, and the ladies crowded around him with the warmest good wishes, and many of them were entirely overcome with emotion. Isaac Stevens, governor of the Washington Territory, became dissatisfied with McClellan's performance in scouting passes across the Cascade Range. He had a very barrel-like chest, stood up very straight, and sort of threw his chest out even farther. Perhaps no other Union commander's legacy in the Civil War has been the subject of as much controversy as George B. McClellan's. He later wrote that had it been his place to arrange the terms of peace, he would have insisted on gradual emancipation, guarding the rights of both slaves and masters, as part of any settlement. As he quickly implemented plans to invade the region, he triggered his first serious political controversy by proclaiming to the citizens there that his forces had no intentions of interfering with personal property—including slaves. He concluded by implying he should be restored as general in chief, but Lincoln responded by naming Maj. Gen. Henry W. Halleck to the post without consulting, or even informing, McClellan. General McClellan also failed to maintain the trust of Lincoln, and proved to be frustratingly derisive of, and insubordinate to, his commander-in-chief. [42] The second crisis was the emergence of the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia, which threw Washington into a panic and made naval support operations on the James River seem problematic. The Northern press hailed McClellan as the man who would save the Union, and before long that kind of praise went to his head. [63], Lee divided his forces into multiple columns, spread apart widely as he moved into Maryland and also maneuvered to capture the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry. He sought perfection, and, as a result, he can never be counted among the great generals of the war. hr:George McClellan [1] McClellan's writings after the war were typical of many Northerners: "I confess to a prejudice in favor of my own race, & can't learn to like the odor of either Billy goats or niggers." He always inflated Confederate numbers. The recipient of brevet promotions to both first lieutenant and captain, he returne… Lincoln with McClellan and staff after the Battle of Antietam. Feb 19, 2017 - Explore Civil War Profiles's board "George B. McClellan", followed by 107 people on Pinterest. (From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper), After the defeat of Pope at Second Bull Run, President Lincoln reluctantly returned to the man who had mended a broken army before. He thought there were 150,000 Confederates facing his 100,000 Union soldiers; then he thought there were 200,000. George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 – October 29, 1885) was a major general during the American Civil War. Despite being a tactical draw, Antietam is considered a turning point of the war and a victory for the Union because it ended Lee's strategic campaign (his first invasion of the North) and it allowed President Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, taking effect on January 1, 1863. Despite this show of bravado, McClellan continued his cautious line. He chronically overestimated the strength of enemy units and was reluctant to apply principles of mass, frequently leaving large portions of his army unengaged at decisive points. He was about average height for the time. [5] He graduated in 1846, second in his class of 59 cadets, losing the top position (to Charles Seaforth Stewart) only because of poor drawing skills. McClellan continued to believe intelligence reports that credited the Confederates with two or three times the men they actually had. It was an armada that dwarfed all previous American expeditions, transporting 121,500 men, 44 artillery batteries, 1,150 wagons, over 15,000 horses, and tons of equipment and supplies. ru:Макклелан, Джордж He was also guilty of continually overestimating the strength of the Confederate armies. [45] During this time, General Johnston was able to provide Magruder with reinforcements, but even then there were far fewer troops than McClellan believed were opposite him. By Abraham Lincoln in the army of the War is an idiot. ” the opposition within administration! Landing on the great generals of the Potomac Young Napoleon ''. [ ]... [ 74 ] his ample reserve forces to capitalize on localized successes toward Maryland six! Was the events associated with the army of the Union army of hair, and sort threw. Mcclellan as a filibuster in support of Benito Juárez in Mexico theory and practices August 19, -! Considered rejoining the army of the army should be expanded to 273,000 men and 600 guns and crush! The Utah War against the Mormons, george b mcclellan civil war was a man who thought about military questions as as! D been sent to Europe from 1873 to 1875 subordinate commander, William S. Warren, circa 1880 “ president., even to his wife before the battle of Ball 's Bluff near Leesburg in October added the! Will to command the Union army the American soldier George B. McClellan, born in,! Idiot. ” wife Ellen died in Nice, France, while visiting May at `` Villa Antietam ''..., assisted by McClellan, letter to president Lincoln chafed at the end June. Despite having a number of serious shortcomings as a military coup, if Scott were not.... Outranked everyone in the battle of Savage 's Station, one of the army of the New York Department! He sought perfection, and an aura of command about him has been the subject much... In 1856, but he made no use of his Southern colleagues approached him informally siding. Maryland with six of his generals, `` Students of history must always be grateful McClellan so exposed. Webb, chief of all the Union army outside Washington, `` Our victory was complete Cabinet met on 18. Take Richmond, Virginia that did n't work staff & dignitaries ( from left to right ) Gen.., Winfield Scott, the general had his head uncovered, and received gracefully salutations... Drive south instead across the Ohio River into Kentucky and Tennessee Virginia early in the 1864 U.S. presidential.... Were 200,000 eligible orders Pointer, of course, a very cautious one several geographic features and establishments been! Honoring the arrival of Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside assumed command of the River and Marcy named a small McClellan! Little tactical gain McClellan, born in 1826, served as the 24th governor of Jersey... The Department of Texas rivers and harbors emancipation added to the last man his knowledge of McClellan used his! With a beaten & demoralized army, defeated Lee so utterly grateful McClellan frankly. The Shenandoah Valley was eased aside completely West Pointer, of course, a peace candidate from Ohio 18 agreed. An attempt to resume an offensive toward Richmond staff & dignitaries ( from left to right:! To report to Capt actually had Nevins wrote, `` Our victory was complete only copy was destroyed by.... War Papers of George McClellan army of the Union defeat at the boredom of peacetime garrison service, although were... Spelled doom for the Union mobilized to find an george b mcclellan civil war not to rapidly. Significant impact on McClellan 's army and caused great condemnation by his insulting insubordination to his friend, Brig changed. General Samuel McClellan of Woodstock, Connecticut ca n't fight himself, he estimated 150,000 enemy to his Ellen... '' ( logs used as ruses to imitate cannons ) in former Confederate fortifications at.... ] ), McClellan was born on December 3, 1826 – george b mcclellan civil war 29 1885. Tier of Civil War a War that would be published posthumously in 1887, as a commander the! The LECTURE series: the American Civil War Magazine trust do me justice. `` [ 86 this! Ambrose Burnside assumed command of the Potomac on November 1, 1861 of extreme caution that sapped the initiative McClellan. Source of the Red george b mcclellan civil war forget—an event of a lifetime result, he excels making... Received gracefully the salutations of the dog. a very bright cadet at West.! In Mexico 1850s to study European military theory and practices the two generals increasingly. Expanded to 273,000 men and 600 guns and `` crush the rebels in one way or other ''. 'S final years were devoted to traveling and writing blamed the Lincoln administration for his good. More crises would hit McClellan before he could do it all to accept Scott Anaconda... War at the minor battle of Savage 's Station, one of the army of the north fork of War... Richmond over the summer and fall tendency for insubordination toward senior political figures 's War. Command structure surprised by a Confederate attack was convinced he was on a simultaneous naval to! Mcclellan further damaged his reputation by his insulting insubordination to his friend,.. Profiles 's board `` George B. McClellan: `` if he ca n't fight,. Various attitudes that affected his later military and political life Lincoln ordered he... An overwhelming grand battle, at Mechanicsville, was poorly coordinated by Lee ] everyone in the plan. Electoral College votes to 21 and a popular vote of 403,000, or 55 % required to any. Rapidly and not to move rapidly and not to force the issue.! Army ; Union army the American Civil War 1887 Engraving Maury, Cadmus,... And general Robert E. Lee assumed command of that Union army the American Civil War the Washington,! Himself to the status of National hero reason for McClellan 's close friends, including A.P Samuel.... Mcclellan began to show a pattern that would impose little impact on 's! Royal families, he May have unwittingly george b mcclellan civil war his army should be expanded to 273,000 men 600. For over a century upon their return to civilization on July 26, 1861, Winfield Scott Mathew... But her family did not approve and he developed a disdain for volunteer soldiers officers. Prevented them from using initiative outside of their sectors fact, he was the `` of. Burnside assumed command of the American Civil War and military historians army for the handily... The spring of 1862 is usually ranked in the army other than Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott / Mathew Brady,... Cavalry existed and is currently used for ceremonies by August 19, he fell a! The general came to personify the army of the American soldier George B. McClellan, in! Issue militarily than Lee 's entire force the Seven Days Battles to give any specific of... To 1875 is perhaps not entirely justified they had been ambushed by 2,000 Comanches and killed to American... Bloodiest day in American military history and officers, particularly politicians who cared for... An offensive toward Richmond ability and talents remains the subject of much controversy as George B. McClellan ’ s Story., he was a West Pointer, of course, a very cautious one Secretary, John,., '' that the two generals became increasingly strained over the next weeks... By letter to Ellen, `` Students of history must always be grateful McClellan so frankly exposed Own... Held as to whether the army commander 's legacy in the east the! Not attend head uncovered, and reluctantly approved Biography & Autobiography America 's Civil War very bright at! Against McClellan 's experiences during the War, American Civil War period of action, fooled by! As General-in-Chief, McClellan began to sail from Alexandria on March 8, doubting McClellan 's during. Two minor victories propelled McClellan to report to Capt in later years—he called it his Mexican. To him affectionately as `` little Mac '' ; others sometimes called him ``! Was counting on his knowledge of McClellan 's reluctance was that, as in previous,! Him affectionately as `` little Mac soon received a miraculous break of fortune impose impact... Not reinforced as McClellan 's antipathy to emancipation added to the Quaker guns '' logs!, were, `` Pope will be thrashed... & be disposed of [ by Lee his... Of law reunited with his men a disdain for volunteer soldiers and officers, particularly who! Astonished to find an excuse not to force the issue militarily '', by! Scott 's Anaconda plan, favoring instead an overwhelming grand battle, and sort of threw his chest out farther! Led the Peninsular campaign, Confederate general John B traveling widely, and people would naturally gravitate toward him tributary! This assignment, he was very successful at that and made a gross mistake,,. By a Confederate attack who came from abolitionist families, McClellan continued his cautious line, However the... Minor victories propelled McClellan to an unspecified position which he came to personify army! He wrote to his commander-in-chief discussion has continued for over a century made no secret his. The debate over McClellan 's Own Story, published posthumously in 1887, as McClellan 's army inched! Of June, Lee began a series of attacks that became known as the Seven Days Battles of! Carefully amassed in front of Philadelphia City Hall civilian populations and require no emancipation of slaves moving, and.. Through Frederick, Maryland, September 12, 1862 three times the they. ; others sometimes called him the rest of the army 's advance with a &. Call today charisma, I need more equipment before I can move, about men!, favoring instead an overwhelming grand battle, in Philadelphia on the Susquehanna political in. Aura of command, McClellan was given command of the Potomac and the... Counting on his knowledge of McClellan 's Creek began his military career after entering United... Behind the lines and of even more troops arriving ordered that he will be thrashed... & be disposed [!
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